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Telecom Egypt The 4th Mobile Operator In Egypt

Telecom Egypt is the largest provider of fixed line services in the Middle East and Africa for more than 160 years. it expanded its service to provide ADSL service with its second brand name which is TE data to provide the most powerful speed and more advanced customer support through call centers, Retail stores or even Social Media.


Today; Telecom Egypt launched its new service as the 4th operator in Egypt competing Vodafone, Orange and Etisalat.

The new challenge is that Telecom Egypt “The Egyptian Company” is very tough as they are competing with 3 giants in the market either from the technology, customer service, marketing and sales


From the Digital side they did a good start by Merging all their Facebook pages to be one page collecting all their fans under one umbrella; which is a good start to empower their fans to target their page without any frustration.

On another note; they deliver customer support on Social Media channels (Facebook and twitter) in a very good and interactive way.

Telecom Egypt ad launching


Launching offers:

Telecom Egypt offers


Now; the real ¬†question; Do you think that Telecom Egypt can compete with the other three operators and succeed in market like Egypt and what’s the main challenge they are going to face?

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